ACA Litigation





ACA litigation an eight year summary.pdf

ACA litigation a six year summary.pdf


Texas v. U.S., No. 4:18-cv-167 (N.D. Tex, filed Feb. 26, 2018)
Wallace intervention request, 3/1/2018
Wallace intervention.pdf
States’ opposition to Wallace intervention request, 3/22/2018
States op to Wallace intervention.pdf
Wallace intervention reply, 3/28/2018
Wallace intervention reply.pdf
Intervenor-defendants’ motion to intervene, 4/9/2018
states’ motion to intervene.pdf
Intervention exhibits part 1
interv exhibits 1.pdf
[part 2 too large for]
Proposed intervention order
proposed intervention order.pdf
Everything but the answer?
15 – Motion to intevenem (reduced).pdf
Intervenor-defendants’ answer, 4/9/2018
Intervenor-defendants’ answer.pdf
Intervenor-defendants’ motion to appear w/o local counsel, 4/9/2018
Local counsel mo.pdf
Plaintiffs’ response to Wallace, 4/18/2018
Texas 2 states’ response to Wallace motion to strike.pdf
Joint motion for briefing schedule, etc., 4/23/2018
Joint Motion for Briefing Schedule, etc..pdf
Amended complaint, 4/23/2018
Texas v. US ACA amended complaint.pdf
Beckenhauer attorney appearance, 4/23/2018
Without local counsel order, 4/24/2018
without local counsel order.pdf
Briefing schedule, 4/24/2018
18 CV 167 31 Order Granting in Part Joint Motion for Entry of Briefing Schedule and to Extend Time and Page Limits.pdf
Wallace anti-McCain motion, 4/26/2018
Wallace anti-McCain filing.pdf
Plaintiffs’ PI motion and proposed order, 4/26/2018
Texas et al pi mo.pdf
Plaintiffs’ PI memo in support, 4/26/2018
Texas et al PI memo.pdf
Plaintiffs’ PI appendix, 4/26/2018
Texas et al PI appendix.pdf
Intervenor-defendants’ request to expedite, 4/27/2018
intervenors request expedite.pdf
US request for extension to respond to intervention, 4/27/2018
US request xt intervene.pdf
Order denying US motion for extension, 4/30/2018
Order denying US motion for extension.pdf
Plaintiffs’ response to intervenor-defendants’ motion, 4/30/2018
Plaintiff States’ response to other states’ intervention.pdf
Order re timing of intervenors’ reply, 4/30/2018
Order re intervenors reply.pdf
Individual plaintiffs’ motion to appear without local counsel, 5/1/2018
Indiv plaintiffs no local counsel motion.pdf
Order allowing individual plaintiffs to appear without local counsel, 5/2/2018
without local counsel order (individual plaintiffs).pdf
McElvain attorney appearance, 5/2/2018
Citizens United, et al, amicus, 5/3/2018
Texas v US ACA Citizens United amicus.pdf
Intervenor-defendants’ reply supporting intervention, 5/4/2018
Texas ACA interv reply.pdf
Proposed answer in intervention, 5/14/2018
proposed answer in intervention.pdf
Order granting intervention under 24(b), 5/16/2018
Order granting intervention.pdf
Wallace request default McCain, 5/16/2018
Texas v. US global wallace mccain default request.pdf
Kopplin attorney appearance, 5/16/2018
W G Hall Quickway intervention papers, 5/21/2018
W G Hall Quickway intervention mo.pdf
Order expediting briefing on WGH Q motion, 5/22/2018
order expediting WGHQ briefing.pdf
State intervenors’ opposition to WGH Q motion, 5/31/2018
interv op to WGH Q interv.pdf
WGH Q reply supporting intervention, 6/4/2018
Shumate EA, 6/5/2018
Mauler EA, 6/7/2018
DOJ withdrawals, 6/7/2018
Intervenor-Defendants’ PI opposition, 6/7/2018
Intervenor-Defendants PI op.pdf
Intervenor-Defendants PI proposed denial order.pdf
Senate Finance open executive session, 11/15/2017
11-15-17 — The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — Day 3.pdf
163 Cong. Rec. S7383 (Nov. 29, 2017) (Sen. Moore Capito)
163 Cong. Rec. S7383.docx
163 Cong. Rec. S7666 (Dec. 1, 2017) (Sen. Scott)
163 Cong. Rec. S7666.docx
US response to preliminary injunction motion, 6/7/2018
US response to PI.pdf
US request for extension of time to answer, 6/7/2018
US XT request.pdf
Letter to Paul Ryan from AG Sessions, 6/7/2018 (link in Texas v. US extension request)
Letter to Nancy Pelosi from AG Sessions, 6/7/2018 (not filed in Texas v. US?)
AG Letter to the Hon. Nancy Pelosi.pdf
Order accepting attorney withdrawals, 6/8/2018
order accepting withdrawals.pdf
Order extending time to answer, 6/8/2018
order granting xt to answer.pdf
AMA amicus filings, 6/13/2018
show_multidocs.pl 4.pdf
AARP filing, 6/14/2018
Adler Bagley Gluck Somin Walsh amicus filing, 6/14/2018
Adler Bagley Gluck Somin Walsh.pdf
AHIP amicus filings, 6/14/2018
American Cancer Society amicus filings, 6/14/2018
American Cancer Society.pdf
American Hospital Ass’n amicus filing, 6/14/2018
American Hospital Assn.pdf
Economic Scholars amicus filings, 6/14/2018
Economic Scholars.pdf
Families USA amicus filings, 6/14/2018
Families USA.pdf
Public Health Scholars filing, 6/14/2018
Public Health Scholars.pdf
SEIU amicus filings, 6/14/2018
Small Business Majority Foundation filing, 6/14/2018
Small Business Majority Foundation.pdf
Order denying employers’ intervention, 6/15/2018
Order denying employer intervention.pdf
Wallace extraordinary motion, 6/15/2018
Extraordinary Wallace motion, 6 15.pdf
Plaintiffs’ opposition to Wallace motion, 6/20/2018
pltf op to s.pdf
Wallace reply, 7/2/2018
Wallace reply.pdf
Wallace motion (intervention?), 7/2/2018
Wallace motion 7 2.pdf
Texas preliminary injunction reply plus appendix, 7/5/2018
Texas PI reply plus appendix.pdf
James Blumstein WSJ column, referred to in the reply brief, 9/18/2017
How to End ObamaCare in Two Pages – WSJ.pdf
Order setting deadline for additional submissions, 7/16/2018
Order re additional info submission.pdf
Texas op to Wallace, 7/23/2018
Texas objection to Wallace interv.pdf
Meadors amicus, 7/26/2018
meadors amicus.pdf
Texas supplemental brief, 7/30/2018
Plaintiff states’ supplemental.pdf
California supplemental brief, 7/30/2018
California supplemental.pdf
Wallace reply, 8/3/2018
Wallace reply.pdf
Order setting oral argument for 9/10, 8/14/2018
order setting oral argument.pdf
Unopposed motion to reschedule oral argument, 8/16/2018
Rosh Hashanah rescheduling mo.pdf
Order partially granting motion and rescheduling oral argument to September 5, 8/19/2018
Transcript of preliminary injunction hearing, 9/5/2018
State of Texas v. HHS.pdf

Letter to General Sessions from Sen. Collins, 6/27/2018 (referred to in California’s argument, Tr. 131-32)
2018-06-27 Sessions ACA Letter signed.pdf

Severability Briefing from NFIB

US Severability Brief
US Severability Reply Brief
States’ Severability Brief
States’ Severability Reply Brief
Private Plaintiffs’ Severability Brief
Private Plaintiffs’ Severability Reply Brief
Court Appointed Amicus’s Severability Brief
California Severability Brief

NFIB Severability Opinions
NFIB severabiity (Roberts).docx
NFIB severability (Ginsburg).docx
Joint dissent
NFIB severability (joint dissent).docx
11th Circuit
NFIB severeability (11th Circuit).docx
District court
NFIB severability (district court).docx

Merits Briefing from NFIB
US principal brief
Plaintiff States’ brief
US reply brief

Presentations at the NAIC conference, August 5, 2018

S. 3388
Republican senators’ website statement (from Sen. Tillis’s website) on S. 3388


State of Maryland v. United States of America, [probably] No. 1:18-cv-2849 (D. Md.)
Complaint, September 13, 2018
Marylandv.United StatesACA.pdf
Maryland v. U.S. complaint.pdf


State of New York v. U.S. Dep’t of Labor No. 1:18-cv-1747 (D. D.C.)

Complaint, July 26, 2018
Summary judgment memo, August 23, 2018
Brown (Kentucky) declaration
Brown (Kentucky) dec.pdf
Caride (New Jersey) declaration
Caride (NJ) dec.pdf
Dutt (California) declaration
Dutt (CA) dec.pdf
Gasteier (Massachusetts) declaration
Gasteier (MA) dec.pdf
Kofman (DC) declaration
Kofman (DC) dec.pdf
Kreidler (Washington) declaration
Kreidler (WA) dec.pdf
MacEwan (Washington) declaration
MacEwan (WA) dec.pdf
Monahan (Pennsylvania) declaration
Monahan (PA) dec.pdf
Navarro (Delaware) declaration
Navarro (DE) dec.pdf
O’Connor (Maryland) declaration
O’Connor (MD) dec.pdf
Stolfi (Oregon) declaration
Stolfi (OR) dec.pdf
Taylor (DC) declaration
Taylor (DC) dec.pdf
Vullo (New York) declaration
Vullo (NY) dec.pdf
Whorley (Virginia) declaration
Whorley (VA) dec.pdf
Lucia declaration
US motion for stay, September 4, 2018
Response to motion for stay, and cross-motion for schedule, September 7, 2018
Reply supporting stay, September 12, 2018
Order denying stay and setting schedule, September 14, 2018

Association health plans proposed regulations, 83 Fed. Reg. 614 (Jan. 5, 2018)

New York, etc., comments (March 6, 2018)

Association health plans, final rule, 83 Fed. Reg. 28912 (June 21, 2018)

Federal compliance assistance paper, August 2018


City of Columbus v. Trump, No. 1:18-cv-2364 (D. Md.)
Complaint, August 2, 2018

Columbus complaint.pdf

“Minimizing the Economic Burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal,” January 20, 2017
Executive Order January 20 2017.docx

“Potential Administrative Marketplace Reforms,” discussed at a meeting, March 23, 2017

Democrats’ letter to Price and Verma, August 18, 2017
HHS letter.pdf

CMS, “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; HHS Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2019,” [] Fed. Reg. [] (Oct. 27, 2017)
82 Fed. Reg. 51052 (Nov. 2, 2017)

Slavitt comments, Nov. 27, 2017

CMS, “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; HHS Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2019” (first version)
83 Fed. Reg. 16930 (April 17, 2018)
Correction, 83 Fed. Reg. 21925 (May 11, 2018)

CMS FACT SHEET, April 9, 2018
CMS Fact Sheet 4 9 18

CMS Guidance, April 9, 2018

Decision in American Federation of Government Employees v. Trump, No. 1:18-cv-1261 (D. D.C., August 24/25, 2018)
AFGE v. Trump opinion 8 25.pdf


Association for Community Health Plans v. , No. 1:18-cv-2133 (D. D.C.)

Complaint, September 14, 2018
STLDI Complaint.pdf
Consent motion for briefing schedule, September 24, 2018


Audia v. Briar Place, Ltd., No. 1:17-cv-6618 (N.D. Ill.)
Complaint, September 13, 2017
Amended complaint, November 13, 2017
Motion to dismiss, December 28, 2017
Opposition to motion to dismiss, January 30, 2018
Reply supporting motion to dismiss, February 23, 2018
Order denying motion to dismiss, April 24, 2018
Answer to amended complaint, May 8, 2018

Briscoe v. Health Care Service Corp., No. 1:16-cv-10294 (N.D. Ill.)

Order on motion to dismiss, December 4, 2017

Condry v. United Health Group, Inc., No. 1:17-cv-183 (N.D. Cal.)

Complaint, January 13, 2017
Condry complaint file0.0542447627905283.pdf
Amended Complaint, March 10, 2017
Condry amended complaint file0.195455931165395.pdf
Motion to Dismiss, April 14, 2017
Condry mo dism file0.776172057530982.pdf
Opposition to Motion to Dismiss, May 8, 2017
Condry mo dism op file0.16015761628854.pdf
Reply supporting motion to dismiss, May 22, 2017
Condry 13760914-0–18372.pdf
Order, August 15, 2017
condry order.pdf
Second amended complaint, September 5, 2017
amended complaint Sept 17 file0.565669465382722.pdf
Defendants’ 1292(b) certification motion, September 14, 2017
1292 b motion file0.924652957861451.pdf
Answer to second amended complaint, September 19, 2017
answer to second amended complaint file0.586177621075091.pdf
Plaintiffs’ 1292(b) opposition, September 28, 2017
1292 b op file0.0263613157823208.pdf
Defendants’ 1292(b) reply, October 5, 2017
1292 b reply file0.541441078103286.pdf
Order denying 1292(b) certification, November 7, 2017
Condry 1292 b denial file0.791176605542329.pdf
Defendants’ summary judgment memo, November 20, 2017
Condry Def MSJ file0.549214489796338.pdf
Plaintiffs’ summary judgment opposition/cross motion, December 18, 2017
Condry SJ op xms.pdf
Defendants’ reply/response, January 5, 2018
Condry reply response file0.40004232250261.pdf
Defendants’ motion to strike, January 5, 2018
Condry def mo strike file0.333665168416825.pdf
Plaintiffs’ reply supporting cross-motion, January 19, 2018
Condry x mo reply file0.937370195324672.pdf
Pre-argument order, April 25, 2018
Oral argument held, case taken under advisement, April 26, 2018
Summary judgment order, June 27, 2018

Edmo v. Idaho Dep’t of Correction, No. 1:17-cv-151 (D. Idaho)
Second amended complaint, September 1, 2017
Edmo second amended complaint.pdf
Defendants’ motion for partial summary judgment/dismissal, November 1, 2017
Edmo MSJ MS dism.pdf
Plaintiff’s opposition, November 22, 2017
Edmo pltf sj m dism op.pdf
Plaintiff’s notice of constitutional question, November 22, 2017
Edmo notice of constitutional question.pdf
Defendants’ reply supporting dismissal, December 6, 2017
Edmo MSJ M dism reply.pdf
US request for extension re intervening, January 24, 2018
Edmo federal xt request.pdf
US statement declining to intervene, March 23, 2018
Edmo fed notice of nonintervention.pdf
Order, June 7, 2018
Rule 35 order, July 26, 2018
Edmo Rule 35 order.pdf
Emergency motion for second Rule 35 order, August 8, 2018
Edmo emergency motion for second Rule 35 exam.pdf

8/09/2018 93 ORDER granting 89 Motion for Rule 35 Examination. The Court rejects plaintiff’s attempt to limit the examination. Signed by Judge B. Lynn Winmill. (caused to be mailed to non Registered Participants at the addresses listed on the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) by (dm)

Idaho preliminary injunction opposition, September 14, 2018
Edmo Idaho PI op.pdf
Corizon preliminary injunction opposition, September 14, 2018
Edmo Corizon PI op.pdf

Esparza v. University Medical Center Management Corp., No. 2:17-cv- 4803 (E.D. La.)

Order denying motion to dismiss, Sept. 5, 2017
Esparza dism denial order.pdf
Amended Order and Reasons, Oct. 24, 2017
Esparza amended order and reasons.pdf
Accepted Offer of Judgment, Oct. 25, 2017
Esparza Accepted Offer of Judgment.pdf

Flack/Makenzie v. Wisconsin, No. 3:18-cv-309 (W.D. Wis.)

Complaint, April 30, 2018
Flack Makenzie complaint 4689237-0–29126.pdf
PI memo, May 23, 2018
Proposed findings of fact, May 23, 2018
Answer, May 29, 2018
Defendants’ motion to change briefing schedule, May 31, 2018
Plaintiffs’ opposition, June 1, 2018
Order, June 5, 2018:


The court held a telephonic conference this morning on defendants’ motion to amend the briefing schedule for plaintiffs’ preliminary injunction request (dkt. # 35 ), at which counsel for both sides appeared. For reasons explained during the hearing, including plaintiffs’ narrowing their requests for preliminary relief to the named plaintiffs based on their ACA § 1557 and equal protection claims, as well as the parties’ commitment to accommodating limited, reasonable discovery as to plaintiffs’ claims of immediate harm, that motion was GRANTED IN PART AND DENIED IN PART. Accordingly, the schedule is amended as follows: Defendants’ opposition is due July 12, 2018, and the preliminary injunction hearing will be on July 19 at 1:30 p.m. Signed by District Judge William M. Conley on 6/5/2018. (kwf) (Entered: 06/05/2018)
Plaintiffs’ request to file reply brief supporting preliminary injunction, June 14, 2018
Amended answer, June 19, 2018
Stipulation re findings of fact, July 6, 2018
Opposition to PI, July 12, 2018
Response to proposed findings of fact, July 12, 2018
Plaintiffs’ reply, with copy of Good v. Iowa DHS decision, July 16, 2018
Decision, July 25, 2018
Joint motion to amend deadlines, August 10, 2018
Supplemental opposition re scope of injunction, August 22, 2018
Notice of appeal, etc., August 24, 2018
Plaintiffs’ response to supplemental opposition, August 29, 2018

Hartford Healthcare Corp. v. Anthem, No. 3:17-cv-1686 (D. Conn.)

Hartford Healthcare: Motion to dismiss amended complaint, October 23, 2017
Cases other than Mills cited in Hartford motion to dismiss
Association of NJ Chiropractors v. Horizon Healthcare Services, No. 3:16-cv-8400 (D. N.J.)
Opinion, June 13, 2017
Assn of New Jersey Chiropractors dismissal order.pdf
In re Bradford, 534 B.R. 839 (2015)
In re Bradford.pdf
Dominion Pathology Laboratories v. Anthem Health Plans of Virginia, No. 2:15-cv-152 (E.D. Va.)
Remand order, June 19, 2015
Dominion Pathology remand order.pdf
NY State Psychiatric Ass’n v. UnitedHealth Group, No. 1:13-cv-1599 (S.D. N.Y.)
Memorandum Order granting motion to dismiss, October 31, 2013
ny state psych file0.494281566507322.pdf
Second Circuit partial reversal and remand, No. 14-20 (August 20, 2015)
NY State Psych 2C opinion file0.0849321827210012.pdf
Dismissals, February 2, 2016
NY state psych dismissals file0.819192288947431.pdf
Hartford: Opposition to motion to dismiss amended complaint, October 31, 2017
Hartford: Decision, Nov. 1, 2017

Harvey v. Centene Corp., No. 2:18-cv-12 (E.D. Wash.)
Complaint, filed January 11, 2018
Harvey v. Centene complaint.pdf
Joint status report and discovery plan, March 8, 2018
Harvey status report discovery plan.pdf

Centene-related consent order from Washington State, Dec. 15, 2017

Motion to dismiss (Centene), March 12, 2018
Harvey Centene mo dism.pdf
Declaration Dinkleman.pdf
Motion to dismiss (Coordinated Care), March 12, 2018
Harvey Coordinated Care mo dism.pdf
[Dinkleman declaration]
Motion to dismiss (Superior), March 12, 2018
Harvey Superior mo dism.pdf
Exhibit 1.pdf

Op to motions to dismiss, April 30, 2018
Harvey op to mo to dismiss.pdf

Mo to dismiss replies, May 29, 2018
Harvey Centene mo dism reply.pdf
Harvey Co Ord Care mo dism reply.pdf
Harvey Superior mo dism reply.pdf
Harvey praecipe.pdf

Order allowing filing of amended complaint, July 17, 2018
Harvey order amended complaint.pdf

Harvey amended complaint, July 18, 2018
Harvey amended complaint.pdf

Motion to dismiss amended complaint, August 1, 2018
Harvey motion to dismiss amended complaint.pdf

Stipulation for second amended complaint, August 29, 2018
Harvey stip for second amended complaint.pdf
Second amended complaint, August 29, 2018
Harvey second amended complaint.pdf
Motion to dismiss second amended complaint, September 12, 2018
Harvey motion to dismiss second amended complaint.pdf

Mills v. BlueCross BlueShield of TN, No. 3:15-cv-552 (E.D. Tenn.)

Memorandum Opinion and Order, January 9, 2017
Mills opinion 3216621-0–3960.pdf
Recon (BCBS),
mills bcbs recon 3229696-0–4250.pdf
Recon (plaintiff)
mills plaintiff post decision recon op 3235508-0–4212.pdf
Stipulation for dismissal/settlement, April 12, 2017
mills merged_10028_-1-1526857706.pdf

Prescott v. Rady Children’s Hospital, No. 3:16-cv-2408 (S.D. Cal.)

Order on motion to dismiss, September 27, 2017
Prescott 2017.09.28. Dkt 22. Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Defs MTD and Denying MTS (1).pdf
Amended complaint, October 12, 2017
Prescott amended complaint 11205692-0–6089.pdf
Motion to dismiss state claims, October 26, 2017
Opposition to motion to dismiss state claims, November 22, 2017
Reply supporting motion to dismiss state claims, December 1, 2017
Order dismissing some of the state claims, May 11, 2018
Prescott 11862753-0–17841.pdf
Answer to first amended complaint, May 25, 2018

Schmitt v. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington, No. 2:17-cv-1611 (W.D. Wash.)
Kaiser motion to dismiss, January 5, 2018
Schmitt 1557 Kaiser motion to dismiss.pdf
Plaintiff’s opposition, February 2, 2018
Schmitt 1557 motion to dismiss op.pdf
Kaiser reply, February 9, 2018
schmitt 1557 motion to dismiss reply.pdf
Order allowing second amended complaint, February 27, 2018
Schmitt 1557 order granting leave to amend.pdf
Second amended complaint, February 28, 2018
Schmitt 1557 second amended complaint.pdf
Plaintiffs’ additional authority (Flack and Boyden), July 31, 2018
Flack addl auth pltf.pdf
Defendants’ additional authority (Doe v. BC BS TN), July 31, 2018
Doe addl auth pltf.pdf
Defendants’ additional authority (Wood), August 28, 2018
def notice supp auth Wood.pdf
Defendants’ additional authority (Puerner), August 30, 2018
def notice supp auth peurner.pdf
Plaintiffs’ additional authority (4 cases), August 30, 2018
pltf notice addl authority 4 cases.pdf
Order dismissing case, September 14, 2018
schmitt dismissal order.pdf

Tovar v. Essentia Health, No. 0:16-cv-100
Memorandum Opinion and Order, Sept. 20, 2018
Tovar order.pdf


Florida v. U.S., No. 3:10-cv-91 (N.D. Fla.), Order on Motion to Dismiss (Oct. 14, 2010)
motion to dismiss order.pdf

Florida v. U.S., No. 3:10-cv-91 (N.D. Fla.), Order Granting Summary Judgment (Jan. 31, 2011)
sj opinion.pdf

Florida v. U.S., Nos. 11-11021/11067 (11th Cir.), Opinion (Aug. 12, 2011)

National Fed. of Indep. Business v. Sebelius, Nos. [[tel:11-393/398|11-393/398]]/400 (U.S., June 28, 2012)


Alaska Legislative Council v. Walker, No. 3AN-15-09208CI (Alaska Superior Court), Transcript of Decision (Aug. 28, 2015)
EX 18.pdf

Alaska Legislative Council v. Walker, No. 3AN-15-09208CI (Alaska Superior Court), Summary Judgment Decision and Order (March 1, 2016)


Biggs v. Brewer, No. CV-14-0132-PR (Arizona), Opinion (Dec. 31, 2014)
011 – Supreme Court ruling on Plaintiff’s Legal Standing (12.31.14).pdf

Biggs v. Brewer, No. CV 2013-011699 (Maricopa Co. Superior Court), Opinion (Aug. 27, 2015)

Biggs v. Betlach, No. 1 CA-CV 15-0743 (Arizona App.), Opinion (March 16, 2017)
Biggs Opinion.pdf

Biggs v. Betlach, No. CV-17-0130-PR (Arizona), Opinion (November 17, 2017)
Biggs v. Betlach Opinion.pdf


Adams v. Comm. of Kentucky, No. 13-CI-605 (Franklin, Ky. Co. Circuit Court, Division 1, Sept. 3, 2013)


Mayhew v. Burwell, No. 14-1300 (1st Cir.), Opinion (Nov. 17, 2014)
1C opinion.pdf

Maine Equal Justice Partners v. Hamilton, No. CV-18-___ (Kennebec Co. Superior Court)
Merits Brief
2018-04-29 80C Merits Brief – FINAL.pdf
Motion to Expedite
2018-04-29 Motion to Expedite Briefing and Decision – FINAL.pdf

Order, June 4, 2018
2018.06.04 Order on M.R.Civ.P. 80C Appeal of Agency Action.pdf

Order, August 23, 2018


Christensen v. Gale, No. CI 18-2305 CI-(Lancaster County District Court, August 28, 2018)
2018_08_28_13_34_15 (1).pdf


Berger v. Burwell, No. 5:17-cv-25 (E.D. N.C.), TRO (January 14, 2017)
Berger TRO.pdf
Order, January 27, 2017
January 27 order.pdf
US op to PI/motion to dismiss, April 7, 2017
federal op to PI and ms dism.pdf
Pltf wdwl PI motion, April 17, 2017
pltf wdwl pi.pdf
Pltf op US mo dism, 4/28/2017
pltf op fed mo dism.pdf
US reply supporting mo to dismiss, 5/12/2017
Gov mo dism reply.pdf
Voluntary dismissal, 7/20/2017
Berger voluntary dismissal.pdf


Ohio ex rel Cleveland Right to Life v. State of Ohio Controlling Board, 138 Ohio St.3d 57 (Dec. 20, 2013)

Ohio v. U.S., No. 2:15-cv-321 (S.D. Ohio), Opinion (Jan. 5, 2016)
Ohio v. U.S., No. 16-3093 (6th Cir., Feb. 17, 2017)
Petition for rehearing en banc
6C pet for rheb.pdf
Kansas amicus supporting
6C rehearing amicus Kansas.pdf
US response
6C US response rehearing en banc.pdf
Rehearing en banc denied, 5/26/17


Texas v. U.S., No. 7:15-cv-151 (N.D. Tex.), Memorandum Opinion and Order (August 4, 2016)
Government request for extension of time, 1/26/17
Texas v US SJ response xt.pdf
Government request for extension of time, 5/4/17
Texas v US SJ xt 5 4 17.pdf
Plaintiffs’ opposition to extension, 5/5/17
op to extension.pdf
Order for extension, 5/16/17
Order for SJ extension.pdf
Government SJ op/cross motion, 6/5/17
texas v us sj response ms x mo.pdf
Plaintiffs’ SJ reply/op, 6/23/17
TX KS LA sj reply.pdf
Government SJ reply, 7/13/17
us x mo sj reply.pdf
Order re oral argument, 9/29/17
texas v us oral argument order.pdf
OA continuance motion, 10/2/17
OA continuance mo.pdf
OA rescheduling order, 10/2/17
OA rescheduling order.pdf
OA renewed continuance motion, 10/3/17
OA renewed continuance mo.pdf

10/05/2017 80 ELECTRONIC ORDER granting 79 Motion to Continue. Motion Hearing set for 10/25/2017 09:00 AM in US Courthouse, Courtroom 2nd Floor, 501 W. 10th St. Fort Worth, TX 76102-3673 before Judge Reed C. O’Connor. (Ordered by Judge Reed C. O’Connor on 10/5/2017) (chmb) (Entered: 10/05/2017)

Supplemental briefing order, 11/1/2017
Texas v. US addl briefing order.pdf
Plaintiffs’ supplemental brief, 11/13/2017
Pltfs supp br.pdf
Gov’t supplemental brief, 11/22/2017
Texas v US supp br US.pdf
Plaintiffs’ supplemental SJ brief, 11/27/2017
17.11.27 Texas v US pltf supp sj br.pdf
Summary judgment opinion, 3/5/2018
Order requesting status report, 3/7/2018
Joint status report, 3/14/2018
texas 1 joint status report 3 14 18.pdf

Order, 3/15/2018
Order 3 15.pdf
US notice of interlocutory appeal, 5/3/2018
Texas Kansas Louisiana US interlocutory appeal notice.pdf
Fifth Circuit # 18-10545
District court question re final judgment, 5/15/2018
Texas v US why no final judgment question.pdf
Texas notice of interlocutory cross [?] appeal, 5/17/2018
Texas v. US Medicaid cross appeal.pdf
Texas motion for entry of final judgment/reconsideration, 5/21/2018
Motion for entry of judgment and reconsideration.pdf
US response, 6/11/2018
Response to recon motion.pdf
Joint motion to hold appeal in abeyance, 6/14/2018
Joint mo to hold appeal in abeyance.pdf
Clerk’s stay order, 6/15/2018
5C stay order.pdf
Texas reply supporting reconsideration, 6/25/2018
Texas v US recon reply.pdf
Fifth Circuit status report, 8/14/2018
5C status report 8 14.pdf
Order (on reconsideration), 8/21/2018
Texas v. US Medicaid recon order.pdf
US request for stay, 8/24/2018
Texas v. US Medicaid US mo to delay final judgment.pdf
Plaintiffs’ opposition to stay, 9/7/2018
plaintiffs’ op to stay.pdf
Plaintiffs’ motion for leave to file second amended complaint, with expediting paperwork, 9/7/2018
second amended complaint, with motion for leave to file.pdf
motion for expediting second amended complaint.pdf
Order setting deadlines, 9/7/2018
order setting deadlines.pdf
US opposition to second amended complaint, 9/12/2018
Texas v US op to amended complaint.pdf
Texas reply supporting second amended complaint, 9/13/2018
Texas v US amended complaint reply.pdf
Fifth Circuit status report, 9/14/2018
Texas Kansas Louisiana status report 9 14 18.pdf
Order denying second amended complaint, 9/20/2018
Texas Kansas Louisiana order denying second amended complaint.pdf
US reply supporting stay, 9/21/2018
Texas Kansas Louisiana US stay reply.pdf

[Not filed in Texas v. U.S.: American Academy of Actuaries statement, March 13, 2018]
US District Court Decision Mischaracterizes Role of ASB.pdf

[IRS information on 2017, 2018, and 2019 HIPFs]
IRS moratorium info


West Virginia v. U.S. D.H.H.S., No. 15-5309 (D.C. Circuit)

Complaint, 7/19/14
Exhibit 6, Administrative Fix letter to states, 11/14/13

Notice of appeal, with district court docket and opinion,11/9/15
WV notice of appeal, with docket and district court decision.pdf

Appellant’s opening brief, 1/15/16
WV DCC appellant brief.pdf

Appellees’ brief, 2/23/16
WV DCC appellee brief.pdf

Appellant’s reply brief, 3/8/16
WV DCC appellant’s reply brief.pdf

Opinion (July 1, 2016)
Cert petition
cert petition westlaw version.pdf
Cert opposition
Cert reply
2017 WL 1192143.pdf
Cert denied, 4/17/17


Tennessee General Assembly v. U.S. Dep’t of State, No. 1:17-cv-1040 (W.D. Tenn.), Complaint (March 13, 2017)
US motion to dismiss, June 1, 2017
General Assembly’s opposition to motion to dismiss, July 14, 2017
US reply supporting motion to dismiss, August 18, 2017
Order granting motion to dismiss, March 19, 2018

US amicus brief in Christie v. NCAA, Nos. [[tel:16-476/477|16-476/477]] (May 23, 2017)
Murphy v. NCAA, No. 16-476 (U.S., May 14, 2018)


v. U.S. EEOC, No. 1:16-cv-2113 (D. D.C.), Memorandum Opinion (December 29, 2016)
Memorandum Opinion (August 22, 2017)
AARP wellness opinion.pdf
Order (August 22, 2017)
AARP motion to alter or amend judgment (August 30, 2017)
EEOC opposition (Sept. 11, 2017)
EEOC status report (Sept. 21, 2017)
AARP reply (Sept. 28, 2017)
Opinion invalidating regulation, 1/1/19 (Dec. 20, 2017)
AARP invalidation order 5334183-0–23554.pdf
Order (Dec. 20, 2017)
AARP wellness revised order 5334177-0–24202.pdf
Unopposed motion for partial reconsideration (Jan. 16, 2018)
Order partly granting and partly denying reconsideration (Jan. 18, 2018)
Status report (March 30, 2018)

Complaint in The Religious Sisters of Mercy v. Burwell, No. 3:16-cv-386 (filed November 7, 2016)

Complaint in Catholic Benefits Ass’n v. Burwell, No. 3:16-cv-432 (filed December 28, 2016)

Franciscan Alliance v. Burwell, No. 7:16-cv-108 (N.D. Tex.), Order (December 31, 2016)
Franciscan Alliance PI order.pdf
Order denying 24(a) intervention and stay (January 24, 2017)
FA order denying ACLU 24 a motion.pdf
US motion for voluntary remand and stay (May 2, 2017)
US motion for voluntary remand and stay.pdf
Plaintiffs’ opposition to voluntary remand (May 4, 2017)
Franciscan Alliance voluntary remand op.pdf
US voluntary remand reply (May 18, 2017)
Franciscan Alliance voluntary remand reply.pdf
Scheduling order (June 13, 2017)
scheduling order for 6 26 17 hearing.pdf
Fifth Circuit action on putative intervenors’ appeal (June 30, 2017)
5C FA circuit order.pdf
Order re voluntary remand and stay (July 10, 2017)
Order re voluntary remand and stay.pdf
US status report (August 4, 2017)
Franciscan Alliance status report 8 4.pdf
Status report order (August 16, 2017)
FA status report order.pdf
Status report (December 15, 2017)
FA status report 12 15.pdf
Status report (February 13, 2018)
FA status report 2 13 18.pdf
Status report (April 16 [?], 2018)
Franciscan Alliance 4 18 status report.pdf
Status report (June 25, 2018)
Franciscan Alliance 6 25 status report.pdf
Status report (August 14, 2018)
Franciscan Alliance 8 14 status report.pdf
Fifth Circuit appeal, 17-10135

North Dakota v. Burwell, No. 3:16-cv-386 (D. N.D.), US motion for voluntary remand/stay, May 26, 2017
Plaintiffs’ request for additional stay, May 30, 2017
Plaintiffs’ response to US motion for voluntary remand, June 9, 2017
US EEOC op to stay, June 13, 2017
Plaintiffs’ reply in support of stay, June 20, 2017
US notice of supplemental authority, July 12, 2017
Stay but no remand order, August 24, 2017

Deference to 1557 regulations? Tovar v. Essentia Health, No. 16-3186 (8th Cir., May 24, 2017), slip op. at 13 & n.4 (Benton, J., concurring in part and dissenting in part)
8C tovar.pdf

1557 case: Esparza v. University Medical Center Management Corp., No. 2:17-cv-4803 (E.D. La., Sept. 5, 2017), Order Denying Motion to Dismiss
Esparza dism denial order.pdf
Amended Order and Reasons, Oct. 24, 2017
Amended order and reasons.pdf
Accepted Offer of Judgment, Oct. 25, 2017
Accepted Offer of Judgment.pdf

Prescott v. Rady Children’s Hospital, No. 3:16-cv-2408 (Order on Motion to Dismiss, Sept. 27, 2017)
2017.09.28. Dkt 22. Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Defs MTD and Denying MTS (1).pdf
Prescott amended complaint, Oct. 12, 2017
Prescott amended complaint 11205692-0–6089.pdf

Dialysis Patient Citizens v. Burwell, No. 4:17-cv-16 (E.D. Tex), TRO (January 12, 2017)
PI order, January 25, 2017
Consent motion to stay, June 22, 2017
d p c consent mo stay merged_77778_-1-1509407793.pdf
Letter to Secretary Azar from AHIP, April 16, 2018

see also Central United Life Insurance v. Burwell, No. 15-5310 (D.C. Cir., July 1, 2016)

American College of Emergency Physicians v. Price, No. 1:15-cv-913, Memorandum Opinion (D. D.C., Aug. 31, 2017)
Joint status report, Jan. 22, 2018
Joint status report, May 1, 2018
83 Fed. Reg. 19431 (May 3, 2018)
Stipulation to dismiss and dismissal (May 23, 2018)

Nevada v. U.S. Dep’t of Labor, No. 4:16-cv-731 (E.D. Tex., Nov. 22, 2016)
Aug. 31, 2017)
Contempt order, March 19, 2018
Stay order, May 1, 2018


Minuteman Health v. U.S. DHHS, No. 1:16-cv-11570 (D. Mass., Jan. 30, 2018) (risk adjustment)
Complaint, July 29, 2016
Minuteman risk adjustment complaint.pdf
Amended complaint, Jan. 12, 2017
Minuteman risk adjustment amended complaint.pdf
Plaintiff’s summary judgment memo, April 6, 2017
Pltf msj.pdf
Defendant’s opposition/cross motion, May 25, 2017
US cross motion sj opposition.pdf
Plaintiff’s SJ reply XSJ op, July 20, 2017
Pltf summary judgment reply cross mo op.pdf
Plaintiff’s SJ reply XSJ op, Sept. 14, 2017

Opinion, Jan. 30, 2018
Minuteman Health risk adjustment opinion.pdf

New Mexico Health Connections v. U.S. D.H.H.S. No. 1:16-cv-878 (D. N.M., Feb. 28, 2018) (risk adjustment)
Complaint, July 29, 2016
NMHC complaint.pdf
Amended complaint, Jan. 12, 2017
NMHC amended complaint.pdf
Answer to amended complaint, Feb. 23, 2017
Answer to amended complaint.pdf
NMHC summary judgment memo, April 13, 2017
NMHC SJ memo.pdf
US op/cross motion, June 1, 2017
US opposition cross motion.pdf
NMHC reply/opposition, July 13, 2017
NMHC reply and op.pdf
US reply, Aug. 17, 2017
US reply x sj.pdf
NMHC supp authority, Sept. 18, 2017
NMHC supp auth ACEP.pdf
US response to supp authority, Sept. 22, 2017
US response to NMHC supp auth.pdf
Opinion, Feb. 28, 2018
NMHC Order and Opinion.pdf
US motion to alter or amend judgment, March 28, 2018
New Mexico HC US motion to alter judgment.pdf
Wu declaration.pdf
transcript excerpts.pdf
HHS estimates.pdf
NMHC motion to strike, April 23, 2018
NMHC motion to strike.pdf
NMHC op to motion to alter or amend, April 23, 2018
NMHC op to motion to alter judgment.pdf
Exhibits A-D.pdf
Exhibits E-H.pdf
US op to motion to strike, May 7, 2018
US op to motion to strike.pdf
US reply supporting motion to alter or amend, May 17, 2018
US reply supporting motion to alter judgment.pdf
NM addl authority (Moda), June 15, 2018
NM risk adjustment addl auth notice moda.pdf
US response to addl authority, June 20, 2018
NM risk adjustment addl auth Moda us response.pdf
Clerk’s notes from oral argument, June 21, 2018
NM risk adjustment oral argument clerk’s notes.pdf
CMS notice of progress re interim rule, etc., July 19, 2018
NMHC notice 7 19 18.pdf
AHIP BCBSA amicus statement, July 19, 2018
NMHC AHIP BCBSA amicus statement.pdf
US notice, July 25, 2018
NMHC US notice.pdf
NMHC opposition to BCBS amicus, August 1, 2018
NMHC op to BCBS amicus.pdf
NMHC response to US notice, August 1, 2018
NMHC response to US notice.pdf
US notice, August 8, 2018
Notice re proposed rule for 2018.pdf
NMHC response to US notice, August 13, 2018
NMHC response to 8 8 US notice.pdf
NMHC second suit, 1:18-cv-773, filed August 13, 2018
NMHC 2017 complaint.pdf
NMHC second suit summary judgment memo, August 13, 2018
NMHC 2017 summary judgment memo.pdf
NMHC motion to consolidate, August 15, 2018
NMHC motion to consolidate.pdf
US notice re filing opposition, August 16, 2018
NMHC 2017 notice of intent to oppose.pdf
Withdrawal of consolidation motion, August 29, 2018
NMHC 2018 consol wdwl.pdf
Joint motion to reassign, August 29, 2018
NMHC 2018 reassign mo.pdf
Notice of additional authority (Montana HCO CSR), September 6, 2018
NMHC pltf notice addl auth Montana HCO CSR.pdf

CMS press release, July 7, 2018
CMS risk adjustment press release

CMS notice, July 24, 2018
Proposed risk adjustment rule for 2018 (first version)

UnitedHealthcare of New York v. Vullo, No. 1:17-cv-7694 (S.D. N.Y.)

Defendant’s motion to dismiss, December 15, 2017/January 24, 2018
Powell declaration supporting motion to dismiss, December 15, 2017/January 24, 2018
Opposition to motion to dismiss/memo supporting summary judgment, January 9, 2018
Defendants’ summary judgment opposition/motion to dismiss reply, February 16, 2018
Reply supporting plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment, March 16, 2018
Order requesting US amicus filing, June 25, 2018
US request for extension of time, June 27, 2018, partially denied, July 2, 2018
Opinion and Order, August 10, 2018
Judgment, August 13, 2018
Oxford memo for injunction pending appeal, August 23, 2018
Oxford motion for expediting injunction pending appeal, August 23, 2018
Opposition to expediting, August 24, 2018
Reply supporting expediting, August 24, 2018
Order denying expediting, August 27, 2018
Second Circuit No. 18-2583
US opposition to injunction pending appeal, September 5, 2018
Reply supporting injunction pending appeal, September 10, 2018
Order denying injunction pending appeal (District Court), September 21, 2018


Marin v. Dave & Buster’s, Inc., No. 1 :15-3608[] (S.D. N.Y)
Complaint, 5/18/15
show_temp.pl 4.pdf

Order Denying Motion to Dismiss, 2/19/16
show_temp.pl 5.pdf

Motion for Preliminary Approval of Class Action Settlement, 11/17/2017
show_temp.pl 7.pdf

Order Denying Approval, 11/30/2017
show_temp.pl 6.pdf

Letter re possible settlement, 2/21/2018


Little Sisters of the Poor v. Price, No. 13-1540 (10th Cir.)
Plaintiffs-Appellants’ status report, March 15, 2017
Little Sisters status report.pdf
Government’s response, March 16, 2017
Little Sisters status government response.pdf
Tenth Circuit order, March 16, 2017
Little Sisters status order.pdf
Plaintiffs-Appellants’ status report, May 15, 2017
10C Little Sisters pltf status 5 15 Document-38.pdf
Government’s status report, May 15, 2017
10C Little Sisters 5 15 US status Document-37.pdf
Tenth Circuit order, May 17, 2017
10C Little Sisters extension order Document-39.pdf
Tenth Circuit order, July 25, 2017
10C LSP order.pdf
Government’s status report, September 12, 2017
10C Little Sisters US status 9 12.pdf
Plaintiffs’ status report, September 12, 2017
10C Little Sisters plaintiffs status 9 12.pdf
Order for status reports on November 13, September 13, 2017
10C Little Sisters order 9 13.pdf

East Texas Baptist University v. Price, No. 14-20112 (5th Cir.)
Status Report and Request to Recommence Litigation, April 20, 2017
ETB status report 4 20.pdf
US motion to continue abeyance, April 24, 2017
US East Texas Baptist motion to continue abeyance.pdf
Univ Dallas motion to continue stay, April 24, 2017
Univ Dallas motion continued stay.pdf
East Texas Baptist opposition to continuing abeyance, April 25, 2017
East Texas Baptist op to continuing abeyance.pdf
Fifth Circuit extension order, April 28, 2017
ETB extension order 14-20112_Documents.pdf
US update, June 23, 2017
East Texas Baptist Govt update Document-4.pdf
Fifth Circuit extension abeyance, June 26, 2017
East Texas Baptist Continued Abeyance Order 14-20112_Documents.pdf
US status report, August 22, 2017
5C ETB US status report 8 22 17.pdf
Appellees’ status report, August 22, 2017
5C ETB appellees status report.pdf
Another month of abeyance order, August 23, 2017
5C ETB one more month abeyance order.pdf
US status report, September 21, 2017
status report 9 21 US.pdf
U Dallas status report, September 21, 2017
status report 9 21 U Dallas.pdf
ETB status report, September 21, 2017
status report 9 21 ETB.pdf
Appellant’s motion to dismiss appeal, October 6, 2017
5C motion to dismiss.pdf
ETB status report, October 27, 2017
5C ETB ETB status 10 27 17.pdf
ETB US status report, October 30, 2017
5C ETB US status 10 30 17.pdf

Wieland v. U.S. DHHS, No. 16-3831 (8th Cir.)
Appellant status report, June 30, 2017
Wieland govt status report 6 30 Document-6.pdf
Appellee response to status report, July 1, 2017
Wieland pltf response to Govt status report Document-5.pdf
Court order for next status report, July 12, 2017
8C order for next status report.pdf
US status report, August 29, 2017
US status report 8 29 17.pdf
Status report order, September 6, 2017
status report order.pdf
US status report, October 30, 2017
8C US status report 10 30 17.pdf
Joint stip to dismiss appeal, November 13, 2017
17.11.13 Wieland joint stip to dism.pdf

Sharpe Holdings, 8th Cir., Govt motion to dismiss own appeal, October 6, 2017
8C Sharpe Holdings appellant mo to dism appeal.pdf

Real Alternatives v. Sec.y, USDHHS, No. 16-1275 (3d Cir.)
Opinion, August 4, 2017
Real Alternatives 3d Cir contraceptionxx..pdf

Wheaton College v. Azar, No. 1:13-cv-8910 (N.D. Ill., Feb. 22, 2018)

Religious contraception rule, October 6, 2017
Moral contraception rule, October 6, 2017


ACLU v. Wright, No. 3:17-cv-5772 (N.D. Cal.) [or: 4:17]
Complaint, October 6, 2017
Related to 5783 (below), November 6, 2017

California v. Wright, No. 3:17-cv-5783 (N.D. Cal.) [or: 4:17]
Complaint, October 6, 2017
Motion for preliminary injunction, November 9, 2017
c v t c pi ms file0.897666756334853.pdf
Little Sisters motion to intervene, November 21, 2017
CVT contraception Little Sisters interv ms file0.455055682492581.pdf
Govt op to PI, November 29, 2017
17.11.29 c cvt merged_32685_-1-1512010887.pdf
Pltfs op to LS interv, December 6, 2017
C CAvT op to LS interv file0.390987261469615.pdf
Little Sisters’ proposed PI op, December 6, 2017
C CAvT LS PI op file0.560407933817384.pdf
Pltfs PI reply, December 6, 2017, with declaration and ? FOIA info ?
C CAvT pltfs PI reply file0.739890540289831.pdf
C CAvT States’ Reply ISO PI .Decl Sharita Gruberg FOIA.pdf
C CAvT States’ Reply ISO PI .Decl Sharita Gruberg FOIA.documents.pdf
March for Life EDF motion to intervene, December 8, 2017
CAvT March Life interv mo file0.45637019704203.pdf
Little Sisters interv reply, December 11, 2017
C CAvT Little Sisters interv reply file0.826604369600442.pdf
Preliminary injunction order, December 21, 2017
CAvT PI opinion file0.0284720848232034.pdf
Plaintiffs’ op to March for Life motion to intervene, December 22, 2017
CAvT op to MFL interv file0.735632896694494.pdf
Order allowing Little Sisters to intervene, December 29, 2017
CAvT order allowing LSP intervention file0.880349259163392.pdf
March for Life request to expedite [?] its intervention motion, January 17, 2018
Order granting March for Life intervention, January 26, 2018
C CAvT MFL interv order file0.166303497777459.pdf
Little Sisters appeal from PI order, January 26, 2018 (9th Cir. 18-15144)
c CAvT LSP appeal notice file0.00862178955334159.pdf
March for Life appeal from PI order, January 31, 2018 (9th Cir. 18-15166)
March for Life appeal notice file0.627860069313225.pdf
US appeal from PI order, February 16, 2018
US appeal, 18-15255
Consolidation order in Ninth Circuit, March 7, 2018
Trial court stipulation for stay, March 8, 2018
Stay order, March 8, 2018
US opening brief, April 9, 2018
9C CAvT US OB.pdf
Little Sisters opening brief, April 9, 2018
9C CAvT LSP OB.pdf
March for Life opening brief, April 9, 2018
9C CAvT MFL OB.pdf
First Liberty Institute amicus, April 16, 2018
9C first liberty inst amicus.pdf
Con law scholars amicus, April 16, 2018
9C con law scholars amicus.pdf
Religious Sisters of Mercy amicus, April 16, 2018
9C religious sisters mercy amicus.pdf
Appellees’ brief, May 21, 2018
9C CAvT answering brief.pdf
NWLC amicus, May 25, 2018
9C CAvT NWLC amicus.pdf
AAUW amicus, May 25, 2018
9C CAvT AAUW amicus.pdf
CRR amicus, May 29, 2018
9C CAvT CRR amicus.pdf
HPO amicus, May 29, 2018
9C CAvT HPO amicus.pdf
Mass amicus, May 29, 2018
9C CAvT Mass et all amicus.pdf
Ad Law Profs amicus, May 29, 2018
9C CAvT Ad Law Profs amicus.pdf
17 Cities amicus, May 29, 2018
9C CAvT 17 Cities amicus.pdf
AUSCS amicus, May 29, 2018
9C CAvT AUSCS amicus.pdf
ACLU amicus, May 29, 2018
9C CAvT ACLU amicus.pdf
PP amicus, May 29, 2018
9C CAvT PP amicus.pdf
USWCC amicus, May 29, 2018
9C CAvT USWCC amicus.pdf
US reply, June 11, 2018
9C CAvT US reply.pdf
Little Sisters reply, June 11, 2018
9C CAvT Little Sisters reply.pdf
March for Life reply, June 11, 2018
9C CAvT March for Life reply.pdf
US additional authority (nationwide injunctions), August 7, 2018
Calif additional authority (nationwide injunctions), August 16, 2018
Calif v Trump addl auth 8 16.pdf


Campbell v. Trump, No. 1:17-cv-2455 (D. Colo.)

Complaint, October 13, 2017
Campbell complaint.pdf
US motion to dismiss, December 18, 2017
campbell motion to dismiss.pdf
Opposition to motion to dismiss, January 7, 2018
Campbell pltf op to motion to dismiss.pdf
Reply supporting motion to dismiss, January 19, 2018
Campbell motion to dismiss reply.pdf
Order, September 11, 2018
campbell order.pdf


Com. of Mass. v. Wright, No. 1:17-cv-11930 (D. Mass.)
Complaint, October 6, 2017
Mass v. Wright complaint.pdf
Amended complaint, November 16, 2017
Mass vT amended complaint.pdf
Memo for summary judgment, November 17, 2017
Mass v. USDHHS msj.pdf
US SJ xmo, op, motion to dismiss, December 8, 2017
C MassvT US ms dism.pdf
Commonwealth combined SJ reply XSJ op dismissal op, January 19, 2018
C MassvT combined memo pltf.pdf
Order denying intervention, January 29, 2018
C MassvT order denying intervention.pdf
US reply, February 8, 2018
C MassvT US reply.pdf
Summary judgment order on standing, March 12, 2018
Mass v. USDHHS SJ order.pdf
Judgment, April 4, 2018
MAvT judgment.pdf
Notice of appeal, May 29, 2018
MAvT notice of appeal.pdf
First Circuit # 18-1514
Opening brief, September 17, 2018
1C MA v. T opening brief.pdf
Health professional organizations amicus, September 21, 2018
1C MA v. T amicus health professional organizations.pdf
Center for Reproductive Rights amicus, September 21, 2018
1C MAvT Ctr for RR amicus.pdf
Guttmacher amicus, September 24, 2018
1C Guttmacher amicus 18-1514_Documents.pdf
ACLU amicus, September 24, 2018
1C ACLU amicus 18-1514_Documents-1.pdf
Public Health Scholars amicus, September 24, 2018
1C Public Health Scholars amicus.pdf
AAUW amicus, September 24, 2018
1C AAUW amicus.pdf
Santa Clara County amicus, September 24, 2018
1C County of Santa Clara amicus 18-1514_Documents-2.pdf
NWLC amicus, September 24, 2018
1C NWLC amicus 18-1514_Documents-3.pdf


Com. of Pennsylvania v. Trump, No. 2:17-cv-4540 (E.D. Pa.)
Complaint, October 11, 2017
PAvT Complaint 15104957-0–8245.pdf
PI memo, November 2, 2017
PAvT PI memo 15149320-2–8336.pdf
PI op, November 16, 2017
PAvT PI op 15174923-0–8391.pdf
US motion to dismiss, November 16, 2017
PAvT ms dism 15174926-1–8488.pdf
Little Sisters interv memo, November 22, 2017
PAvT Little Sisters ms interv 15185059-1–8570.pdf
PI reply, November 27, 2017
17.11.27 c PA v. T PI reply 15191022-0–3345.pdf
ACLJ amicus, November 28, 2017
17.11.28 c pavt ACLJ amicus 15191876-0–3520.pdf
Calif Women Lawyers amicus, November 28, 2017
17.11.28 c pavt Calif Women Lawyers amicus 15191897-0–3572.pdf
Massachusetts et al amicus, November 28, 2017
17.11.28 c pavt Mass amicus 15191930-0–3650.pdf
PA opposition to motion to dismiss, November 30, 2017
US dismissal reply, December 7, 2017
PAvT US dism reply 15214891-0–21594.pdf
LS intervention reply, December 7, 2017
PAvT LS interv reply 15214933-0–21228.pdf
Order denying Little Sisters intervention, December 7, 2017
PAvT LS denial 15215689-0–20857.pdf
Little Sisters appeal # 17-3679
Govt motion in limine re administrative record, December 11, 2017
PAvT Govt motion in limine merged_35931_-1-1513089627.pdf
Plaintiff’s op to motion in limine, December 13, 2017
PAvT motion limine op 15223236-0–16670.pdf
Govt reply re motion in limine, December 13, 2017
PAvT motion in limine reply 15223949-0–17094.pdf
Order denying motion in limine, December 13, 2017
PAvT order denying motion in limine 15225050-0–17155.pdf
Opinion granting PI, December 15, 2017
PAvT PI opinion 15229517-0–23808.pdf
PI order, December 15, 2017
PAvT PI order 15229569-0–22660.pdf
Little Sisters protective notice of appeal, December 15, 2017
PAvT Little Sisters protective notice of appeal 15230226-0–27411.pdf
Little Sisters appeal # 17-3752

US appeal February 6, 2018, #18-1253
US motion for stay in trial court, February 8, 2018
Order granting stay in trial court, February 9, 2018
PA v T stay order 15320089-0–18034.pdf
US appeal 18-1253
Third Circuit opinion in 17-3679 on intervention, April 24, 2018
3C Little Sisters PAvT opinion.pdf
Third Circuit reversal order, April 24, 2018
Order vacating injunction, May 10, 2018
McElvain withdrawal, July 2, 2018


Washington v. Trump, No. 2:17-cv-1510 (W.D. Wash.)
Complaint, October 9, 2017
Washington v. Trump complaint.pdf
Stay pending California & Pennsylvania cases, Jan. 19, 2018
Wash. v. Trump stay.pdf

Priests for Life stipulation, No. 13-5368 (D.C. Cir., Oct. 23, 2017)
Priests for Life stipulation.pdf


No. 11-5047 (D.C. Cir.)

Order for additional briefing, August 31, 2011
supp briefing order.pdf
Opinion, November 8, 2011
Westlaw version of Seven-Sky v. Holder, 661 F.3d 1 (D.C. Cir. 2011) (Kavanaugh, J., dissenting as to jurisdiction)
Seven-Sky v Holder (Kavanaugh).rtf
Freytag v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue (Scalia, J., concurring in the judgment)
Freytag v CIR (Scalia).rtf
Frank Easterbrook, Presidential Review, 40 Case Western Reserve L. Rev. 905 (1989)
Presidential Review.pdf

Aiken County


National Fair Housing Alliance v. Carson, No. 1:18-cv-1076 (D. D.C., August 17, 2018)
Nat’l Fair Housing Alliance v. Carson.pdf


Samuel L. Bray, “Multiple Chancellors: Reforming the National Injunction,” UCLA School of Law, Public Law Research Paper No. 16-54. Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=2864175 or http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.2864175 (February 9, 2017 draft).

Earth Island Institute v. Ruthenbeck, 490 F.3d 687, 699 (9th Cir. 2007), rev’d on other grounds sub nom. Summers v. Earth Island Institute, 555 U.S. 488 (2009)
Earth Island Institute v Ruthenbeck.rtf

Transcript of oral argument in Halbig v. Sebelius, No. 14-5018, at 66-69 (March 25, 2014)

Texas v. U.S., 809 F.3d 134, 187-88 (5th Cir. 2015), aff’d by an equally divided court, 136 S.Ct. 2271 (June 23, 2016)
Texas v US.rtf

Preliminary injunction order, NFIB v. Perez, No. 5:16-cv-66 (N.D. Tex., June 27, 2016)
ND Tex NFIB v Perez PI order.pdf

Preliminary injunction order, Texas v. U.S., No. 7:16-cv-54 (N.D. Tex., August 21, 2016)
ND Tex Texas v US Order.pdf

Motion/memo for partial stay pending appeal, Texas v. U.S., No. 16-11534 (5th Cir., November 23, 2016)
5C texas v us partial stay ms.pdf

Opposition to partial stay pending appeal, Texas v. U.S., No. 16-11534 (5th Cir., December 5, 2016)
5C texas v us partial stay op.pdf

Reply supporting partial stay pending appeal, Texas v. U.S., No. 16-11534 (5th Cir., December 9, 2016)
5C texas v us partial stay reply.pdf

Additional authorities opposing partial stay pending appeal, Texas v. U.S., No. 16-11534 (5th Cir., February 9, 2017)
5C texas v. us addl auth.pdf

Withdrawal of motion for partial stay pending appeal, Texas v. U.S., No. 16-11534 (5th Cir., February 10, 2017)
5C texas v us partial stay wdwl.pdf

Order Granting Preliminary Injunction, Associated Builders and Contractors of SE Texas v. Ruug, No. 1:16-cv-425 (E.D. Tex., October 24, 2016)

Memorandum Opinion and Order, Nevada v. U.S. Dep’t of Labor, No. 4:16-cv-731 (E.D. Tex., November 22, 2016)
Summary judgment order, Aug. 31, 2017
Appeal # 17-41130
Unopposed motion to put 5th Circuit appeal in abeyance,
5C unopposed motion abeyance.pdf
Fifth Circuit abeyance order,
17-41130_Documents abeyance.pdf
Contempt order, March 19, 2018
Motion for stay pending appeal, March 20, 2018
Appeal # 18-40246
Motion for interim stay, March 21, 2018
Opposition to stay pending appeal, March 23, 2018
Opposition to interim stay, March 23, 2018
Interim stay, March 23, 2018
Withdrawal of 5C motion for stay, March 23, 2018
Reply in support of stay pending appeal, March 27, 2018
Stay order, May 1, 2018
Status report, May 7, 2018
5C Nevada v. DOL status report 5 7 18.pdf
Opening brief in Fifth Circuit, May 22, 2018
5C Alvarez contempt opening brief.pdf
Nevada appellees’ brief, July 6, 2018
5C Nevada Chipotle Nevada appellees’ brief.pdf
Chipotle appellees’ brief, July 6, 2018
5C Nevada Chipotle Chipotle appellees’ brief.pdf
US Chamber of Commerce amicus brief, July 13, 2018
5C alvarez us coc amicus.pdf
Restaurant Law Center amicus brief, July 13, 2018
5c Alvarez restaurant law center amicus.pdf
Appellant’s reply brief, July 27, 2018
5C alvarez reply brief.pdf

Order, Franciscan Alliance v. Burwell, No. 7:16-cv-108 (N.D. Tex., December 31, 2016)
Franciscan Alliance PI order-1.pdf

TRO, Washington v. Trump, No. 2:17-cv-141 (W.D. Wash, February 3, 2017)
Washington TRO.pdf

Emergency motion for stay, Washington v. Trump, No. 17-35105 (9th Cir., filed February 4, 2017)
washington emergency mo.pdf
Order denying TRO, Louhghalam v. Trump, No. 1:17-cv-10154 (D. Mass., February 3, 2017) [does not get to nationwide issue]
louhghalam order.pdf

Washington op to emergency motion, No. 17-35105 (9th Cir., filed February 6, 2017)
Washington emergency mo op.pdf

Reply supporting emergency motion for stay, Washington v. Trump, No. 17-35105 (9th Cir., filed February 6, 2017)
Washington v. Trump emergency motion reply.pdf

Order denying emergency stay, Washington v. Trump, No. 17-35105 (9th Cir., February 9, 2017)
Washington v. Trump 9c op.pdf

Order granting TRO, State of Hawaii v. Trump, No. 1:17-cv-50 (D. Hawaii, March 15, 2017)
Hawaii v. Trump TRO.pdf

TRO, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project v. Sessions, No. 2:17-cv-716 (W.D. Wash., May 17, 2017)
NW imm rights TRO.pdf

Opinion, Int’l Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump, No. 17-1351 (4th Cir., May 25, 2017)

Application for stay and petition for cert, Trump v. IRAP (4th Cir.), June 1, 2017

Application for stay from Trump v. State of Hawaii (9th Cir.), June 1, 2017

Opinion, Hawaii v. Trump, No. 17-15589 (9th Cir.), June 12, 2017

City of Chicago v. Sessions, No. 1:17-cv-5720 (N.D. Ill.), Sept. 15, 2017
Order denying stay of nationwide application pending appeal, Oct. 13, 2017
Chicago v. Sessions no stay order.pdf
City of Chicago v. Sessions, No. 17-1991 (7th Cir., April 19, 2018)
7C decision City of Chicago v. Sessions.pdf

County of Santa Clara v. Trump, No. 3:17-cv-574 (N.D. Cal.), Nov. 20, 2017
Orrick order 11 20 17 file0.382983448487845.pdf

CAvT order allowing LSP intervention file0.880349259163392.pdf

Regents v. Trump, No. 3:17-cv-5813 (N.D. Cal.), Jan. 9, 2018
DACA file0.365717979652015.pdf

City of Los Angeles v. Sessions, No. 2:17-cv-7215 (C.D. Cal.), April 12, 2018
LA v Sessions partial summary judgment order.pdf

NAACP/Trustees of Princeton v. Trump/US, Nos. 1:17-cv-1907 and 1:17-cv-2325 (D. D.C.), April 24, 2018
NAACP Princeton DACA.pdf

City of Philadelphia v. Sessions, No. 2:17-cv-3894 (E.D. Pa.), June 6, 2018

County of Santa Clara v. Trump, NO. 17-17478 (9th Cir.), Aug. 1, 2018