Title X ‘program integrity’

DHHS, “Compliance With Statutory Program Integrity Requirements,” 84 Fed. Reg. 7714 (March 4, 2019)



State of California by and through Becerra v. Azar, No. 3:19-cv-1184 (N.D. Cal.)

Complaint, March 4, 2019


Essential Access related case notice, March 11, 2019


Order on related case decision procedure, March 12, 2019


Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Edward M. Chen:

Initial Case Management Conference held on 3/20/2019. Plaintiffs to file motion for preliminary injunction by 3/21/2019. Opposition due by 4/8/2019. Reply due by 4/11/2019. Motion Hearing set for 4/18/2019 12:30 PM in San Francisco, Courtroom 05, 17th Floor before Judge Edward M. Chen. See pdf image for further details.

Total Time in Court: 25 Minutes.
Court Reporter: Katherine Sullivan.

Plaintiff Attorneys: Anna Rich, Michelle Ybarra, Justina Sessions.
Defendant Attorney: Bradley Humphries.

Attachment: Minute Order.
(afmS, COURT STAFF) (Date Filed: 3/20/2019) (Entered: 03/20/2019)

Motion for preliminary injunction, March 21, 2019


[Lots of exhibits]


Essential Access Health v. Azar, No. 4:19-cv-1195 (N.D. Cal.)

Complaint, March 4, 2019


Certification of interested entities or persons, March 11, 2019


Motion for preliminary injunction/proposed order, March 21, 2019


[Lots of exhibits]


State of Washington v. Azar, No. 1:19-cv-3040 (E.D. Wash)

Complaint, March 5, 2019

Wash v Azar Title X complaint

Unopposed consolidation motion, March 18, 2019

WvA motion to consolidate

Consolidation and expedition order, March 18, 2019

WvA consolidation expedition order

Motion for preliminary injunction with proposed order, March 22, 2019

WvA pi mo and proposed order

[Lots of exhibits]


National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Ass’n v. Azar, No. 1:19-cv-3045 (E.D. Wash.)

Complaint, March 5, 2019

NFP RH A v. Azar Complaint


State of Oregon v. Azar, No. 6:19-cv-317 (D. Or.)

Complaint, filed March 5, 2019


States’ motion for preliminary injunction, March 21, 2019


[Lots of exhibits]


American Medical Ass’n v. Azar, No. 6:19-cv-318 (D. Or.)

Complaint, March 5, 2019


Motion for preliminary injunction, March 21, 2019


[Lots of exhibits]